Helping little people with developmental disabilities achieve incredible things.

Intensive, effective Early Behaviour Intervention support and Speech Pathology services that are individualised and delivered by a highly trained multidisciplinary team of Paediatric Clinicians and Therapists.

We are a multidisciplinary team of Speech Pathologists, Behaviour Analysts/Therapists, Early Childhood Educators, Intervention Specialists and other Allied Health Therapists, who use effective strategies and methodologies to help children build the Learning, Integration and Behaviour Management skills that matter most. 

We value improving the quality of life and independence for children living with developmental disabilities, whilst providing guidance and support to the family unit. 


We value the fact that each child is unique and look forward to learning about your little champion to provide you with a detailed professional assessment and recommended support network.  


We provide you with a full management plan, recommend next steps, navigate the complex arena of NDIS and Medicare administration with you, and provide you with specifics around recommended intensive early intervention.


We focus strongly on equipping not only your child, but providing the family unit with knowledge and effective ways to fully realise and optimise communication, learning and behaviour outcomes. 

What's important at CLIMB

That children's abilities are recognised, and their individual strengths and characters celebrated.

To ensure children build and maintain skills for lifelong success and happiness.

To empower families by giving them the tools needed to support their children.

To encourage a supportive, family-focused community network.

CLIMB Learning

Lexy - Clinical Director

I feel super proud of a special young man - Alex. Alex was my first-ever client when I started up my private practice (his mum's insistence that I work with them was a huge part of why I started my practice). Alex was with us for 6 years, through Intensive Early Intervention, Transition to School and Speech Therapy.

In 2021 Alex aced his annual communication assessment and has been discharged from therapy.


Alex and his family have worked tirelessly and have had such a positive can-do attitude and as a result, he is thriving.


This is why we do what we do!!! I am absolutely over the moon for them, what a journey it has been...🤩🥳

Why we do what we do

  • To make day-to-day life for you and your child less challenging and more enjoyable.
  • We are passionate about developing strong learning foundations through evidence-based intensive early intervention program delivery.
  • The work we do makes a phenomenal difference and gives all children the opportunity to reach their unique potential and live a more fulfilled life

Get to know us a little better

We'd love you to get to know our incredibly passionate team of special humans who shape lives, support children's success across all environments and provide them with a place to belong. 

Child with yellow hat playing with ball
Child in yellow hat at the top of a climbing frame
Child choosing item from teacher
Child's hands making artwork
Child making artwork
Children's artwork
Children's artwork

With Pride

Proud partners with The Early Development Partnership


Proud supporters of Neuroblastoma Australia. We have a selection of their beautiful toys available for purchase in our clinic - all proceeds go directly to Neuroblastoma Australia.