Parent Training and Support Programs

Communicate - Learn - Thrive

At Climb Learning we offer a range of evidence-based programs for families to support families experiencing a wide variety of challenges including behaviour, sleep, feeding and toileting. 

Broccoli Bootcamp

Broccoli Bootcamp is a common sense behavioural approach to expand your child’s diet variety as they learn to try, and like new foods.

Backed by research and a large evidence base, Broccoli Bootcamp provides interventions for families of a selective or “picky” eater.

Eating is a very emotive subject and can be very stressful for families who feel their child is not eating enough or do not have enough variety across their diet. 

RUBI Parent Training

RUBI is an evidence based program focussing on understanding the basic principles of behaviour and learning various strategies to support positive behaviour.

Families are guided through a range of strategies to shape and change their child’s behaviour, giving them the tools in their toolbelt to deal with any challenging behaviour they may be experiencing. 


Hanen is an evidence-based group parent training program.

  • It takes two to talk 
  • More than words
  • Talkability

We teach parents of young children who have been identified with language delays practical strategies to promote effective communication and language and literacy development.

Intensive Toilet Training

Our toilet training program is a research-based program which is tailored to the child’s individual needs.

Programs are carried out in collaboration with the family and are delivered in the home and clinic setting.

We also support the child in community settings such as daycare or Preschool.

Parents are given intensive support throughout the process so that they are fully able to support their child to succeed. We provide everything that is needed for the family and child to be successful in this program.